Dave Dellecese is a writer and author of children’s books, graphic novels, comics, and sometimes even stories for grown-ups.

He is a former full-time journalist and news anchor and has appeared on The Today Show and The Weather Channel.

A father of three, he lives in Central New York with his wife, kids, and cats.

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The Little Lamp

Love is the greatest light there is and a small, well-loved table lamp shines brightly on the McShane family for many years.

As the household grows, a new, sleek lamp enters the home and the little lamp’s bright, loving glow begins to fade from his family’s attention.

​Tossed to the curb, he questions where he belongs and what purpose he now serves, until a kind woman rescues him from the garbage pile.

Lacey & Lily

Lacey Cunningham is just your typical middle schooler – avoiding bullies, stressing over homework, and missing her recently-deceased grandmother. 

​But, when Lacey finds a pair of superhero costumes among Grandma’s belongings, she and her dog — Lily — are immediately imbued with superpowers! 

What else is a pre-teen in spandex to do but fly high, right wrongs, and halt an alien invasion courtesy of an intergalactic fashionista?

Question: After repelling an alien invasion and saving planet Earth, what do a super-powered tween (Lacey) and her faithful dog (Lily) do for an encore?

Answer: Corral a school magic show gone awry, survive a mystical body swap, have their worst fears realized inside a haunted hay maze, investigate a monstrous mystery, and visit a comic book shop to stop a paper-obsessed perpetrator, of course.