The Little Lamp

Love is the greatest light there is and a small, well-loved table lamp shines brightly on the McShane family for many years.

As the household grows, a new, sleek lamp enters the home and the little lamp’s bright, loving glow begins to fade from his family’s attention.

​Tossed to the curb, he questions where he belongs and what purpose he now serves, until a kind woman rescues him from the garbage pile.


“From the perspective of a simple household item, The Little Lamp playfully delves into the power of love, friendship, and the importance of knowing your value.”

– J.M. DeMatteiswriter, author, screenwriter (Constantine: City of Demons, Justice League International, Scooby Apocalypse, Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Brave and the Bold)

“The Little Lamp is a heartwarming, whimsical, instructive tale about what it means to have something of value to offer in today’s ‘the next best thing’ society.”

– Larry Trivieri Jrauthor of The Monster and Freddie Fype

“…a heartwarming story about a little lamp that manages to deal with change in its life and still find purpose no matter the challenges. There are many teachable moments for children to learn about disappointment, doubt, change, self-worth, hope and optimism — all presented in the tale of Little Lamp.”

– Patricia Hilton, Children’s Books Heal

“…an adorable picture book told in rhyme about being wanted even when it seems you are past your time for being loved…tells a positive and delightful story for anyone who has ever felt second best! Even as an adult, I felt warmth in remembering the people who love me while reading this book. Ada Konewki’s illustrations are vivid and comforting, bringing lots of emotion into a story centered around a lamp. I would list this book for grades kindergarten through third for solo readers as it contains a few challenging words like “obsolete” introduced around familiar language. This is also a great story time or group reading time book, with big images to show the crowd. Even if you don’t have little ones in your life, read this to remind yourself that you are loved, and then pass it on to another adult who needs to remember that truth!”

Savannah Aldridge, Readers’ Favorite